Monday, November 12, 2007

What a Blessing...

Since last Monday,Jayden has gotten sick again with a double ear infection.Things have been really ruff going.Yet in these times of adversity,and testing things really take on a whole new perspective.Things that you would not normally notice unless trials come.When Jayden gets sick,there is alot of emphasis on how tired the family is,how sick Jade is.Her eating,and what not.This is all important.But there are a whole lot of good things that I learn in times like these that I neglect to tell you about.Like how when she is really sick,she still has the most beautiful smile.Like sunshine.I learn,and yes the whole family learns how to give without any thought of recieveing.We realize how selfish,and how we take for granite all the blessings and little things God has given us.We see what truley matters when our lives come down to moments,and breaths.We have seen God's perfected strength and purpose in the form of weakness,when we look at our Jayden.She never complains,or asks why me.Without any words at all,through this little angel God has sent,I have a new found strength,faith to move mountians,hope in a brighter future,peace for tomorrow.Jayden you are truely a blessing in disguise.Love Mommy,Daddy,and your brothers,Tyler & Adam.XXOO

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