Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

Well the Fall season is in full swing & our family is heading into Thanksgiving weekend.Last but not least..Jaydey turns the BIG 8 years old on October 29th!!!I have alot to say today everyone..LOl..So much to be thankful for!
Jaydey has made it through her first month back to school for grade 2.Her homeroom teacher is Mrs.Best-Godin.As well,she has made it through loosing her 2 TA's from last year..Shannon & Susan...This was difficult to adjust to the first week for her.It meant training 2 new TA's to take their positions.But she & the new TA's have adapted quite nicely & all is well in the world once again..
We have been working quite close with occupational therepy since the end of last school year on in home adjustments..Making Jayden's world more adaptable to her growing needs.Things like being more mobile & more self sufficient for herself as well as making the challenges of Jayden's growth & how we,as her parents(caregivers)are able to transfer her from room to room,in our home enviroment.
Occupational Therepy has conducted an in home evaluation & made their recomendations.This Friday they will be visiting our home with a specialist in this area to get the ball rolling...
Some of the suggestions made were:Getting her in & out of the tub safely for her & us..Her being able to maneuver around the home,ramps @ home exits,light switches & faucet alternatives,getting up 15 stairs to her bedroom and of course..transfering her & her equiptment(walker,wheel chair) to and from school,home etc.
Lots to think about...Lots of change happening.But I have too say..Since this "Little Angel" has entered our lives...This has become the norm.The changes will be good for her future & ours.Against uncertian circumstances & all that CdlS entails...I am confident for her!!!She has made me & everyone around her stronger & fearless...More able to accept change..
Thank you all for checking in on Jaydey.We really appreciate all your love,prayers & support.I ask that you continue...May you all have a BLESSED Thanksgiving Weekend with your loved ones!!
Check out all things Jayden @ Jayden's World.Pictures,websites,CdlS articles,etc here
Kimmie :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


It is that time again...Welcome!!!
I just want to thank you all for checking in on Jayden's progress...I know,I know...It has been awhile.Lots of NEW things have happened though since I last updated this blog.Jayden has got her surgery to correct her lazy eye.I am so happy to report that a Miracle has happened!!!!Jaydey's eyes are much better.Thanks to the surgeon,Dr.Steves in St.John.As a matter a fact..His exact words were...Beautiful!!!Wonderful!!Exellent!!!
Also..It has been 2 1/2 months since Jayden has been off Valporic Acid(for seizures).YAY!!!I cannot tell you how exited we are about this.No more having to give her un-necessary meds for things she does not need.It pained me to give this to her 3 times a day..She really hated it...Made her choke & everything..In fact...She is doing so much better being off the medication.She is more alert & even eating better...It seems we cannot fill her little belly...LOL.I just want to thank you all for your prayers & support.They mean so much to our Family.
At school,she has regained use of her right hand much better.She is also using picture symbols quite frequently to answer yes & no.Which is exellent.It allows us to communicate with her alot just by phrasing questions to her in that format.
I have special thanks to go out to the Staff @ AES for working with her everyday...(Mrs.Ravn for homeroom,T.A's Susan Pearson,Shannon Kimball,Tammy Mcknight,Mrs.Ross)As well as all those special helpers(students/classmates),physio,speech & occupational therepy that are with her throughout the day that make her feel welcome...Sadly we are saying good bye to Apse(Work with the blind & children with sight disabilities).Yet..This is another good sign..Because this means Jayden's sight has reached the best possible outcome.
Yes..We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful Angel for a daughter & a huge extended family over @ school & in our community...Such opportunities,blessing & miracles to learn & grow for our family & whole community...
My Faith & Hope is greatly renewed & enriched each and everyday..
God Bless you all...Till next time everyone.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Possibilities Are Endless!!!

What an Awesome End to 2010!!!!
So much has happened for Jayden & our family.Lots of news & updates.Jayden is now finishing off her first half of Grade 1 in Mrs.Ravn's Class.She 3 TA's helping her @ different times of her day @ school are Shannon Kimball,Susan Pearson & Tammy Mcknight.They are so wonderful with her.She just lights up each day when she sees them all.Jayden has been in class this year much more with the other students.She is adjusting extremely well.She loves circle time & when Mrs.Ravn reads to the class.Main focuses in grade 1 will be communication,promoting walking & giving Jayden more independence/social interaction with her classmates.
Stan Cassidy from Fredericton has been down to do testing with Jayden.We are very exited about this.We have learned(Paul & I always Knew),That there is an intelligent person inside of Jayden.She can now answer you with Yes/No Symbols & pictures.Stan Cassidy has also tested her with pictures & switches that would say yes & no vocally for her..
I Knew she understood!!!But now the rest of the world knows and has evidence of this.Which is a wonderful Miracle!!!For her to be able to communicate with us & her outside world..She will be able to interact with the children in class.And they are learning this right along with Jayden...What an opportunity!!
Jayden has also finally had her eye surgery this September to correct her lazy eye.It looks much better.But it is still there somewhat.She had a really hard recovery.It is because of this,Paul and I have decided not to put her through another one...The doctor said it really would not improve the vision that much.So I assume it is more of a cosmetic procedure.So she will not be having anymore.We love her just the way she is..
Thank you all for checking in on Jayden & our family.It means the world to us to know you all care for her so deeply..Till next time everyone!!!
Have a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful end to 2010!!!
God Bless,
The Bevans Family xxoo

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light @ The End Of The Tunnel..


It sure has been awhile.I hope you are all well.Lots of exiting things happening in the WORLD OF

She is doing very well at her new school(AES).So many wonderful things have opened up for her.She is using a computer very well.She can build themes,read stories,choose the background & colors on her computer when asked to with simple commands.She has been given many chances to explore her world & communicate in different ways(Picture symbols,computer,choices etc).So many wonderful opportunities for her to learn,grow & have a chance at a "normal life".Jayden has begun trips out on her own once a week "asssisted"with Fanie Mazzerole.She goes out shopping,to restaurants,walking,and this summer will be doing alot of swimming @ the pool I'm sure of it.

Yes,our family is growing to include alot of really great people...Jayden's life is greatly enriched.I just want to end this journal by saying,thank you!!!Thank you to,Mrs.Bettle(Principle),Shannon (TA),Angie(TA),Tammy(TA).As well as physio,speech,occupational & APSEA...You are all very wonderful & vital to our Daughter,Jaydeylady.We love you all Lots!!!

UPDATE!!!Jaydey Has finally got her own little friend as of Easter.She is a toy Shitzu named "Coco".Just wanted to add a special thank you to Auntie Doreen for finding the perfect little friend for her.As well as a special thank you to Grammy & Grampy Bevans for purchasing the cute little pup for her as an Easter gift.You have made your Grand daughter VERY,VERY HAPPY!!!!!

Well..That is all for now everyone...Thank you for visiting Jayden's World for a moment to check up on her progress.

Love Paul,kimmie & Family xxoo