Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Possibilities Are Endless!!!

What an Awesome End to 2010!!!!
So much has happened for Jayden & our family.Lots of news & updates.Jayden is now finishing off her first half of Grade 1 in Mrs.Ravn's Class.She 3 TA's helping her @ different times of her day @ school are Shannon Kimball,Susan Pearson & Tammy Mcknight.They are so wonderful with her.She just lights up each day when she sees them all.Jayden has been in class this year much more with the other students.She is adjusting extremely well.She loves circle time & when Mrs.Ravn reads to the class.Main focuses in grade 1 will be communication,promoting walking & giving Jayden more independence/social interaction with her classmates.
Stan Cassidy from Fredericton has been down to do testing with Jayden.We are very exited about this.We have learned(Paul & I always Knew),That there is an intelligent person inside of Jayden.She can now answer you with Yes/No Symbols & pictures.Stan Cassidy has also tested her with pictures & switches that would say yes & no vocally for her..
I Knew she understood!!!But now the rest of the world knows and has evidence of this.Which is a wonderful Miracle!!!For her to be able to communicate with us & her outside world..She will be able to interact with the children in class.And they are learning this right along with Jayden...What an opportunity!!
Jayden has also finally had her eye surgery this September to correct her lazy eye.It looks much better.But it is still there somewhat.She had a really hard recovery.It is because of this,Paul and I have decided not to put her through another one...The doctor said it really would not improve the vision that much.So I assume it is more of a cosmetic procedure.So she will not be having anymore.We love her just the way she is..
Thank you all for checking in on Jayden & our family.It means the world to us to know you all care for her so deeply..Till next time everyone!!!
Have a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful end to 2010!!!
God Bless,
The Bevans Family xxoo

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