Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

Well the Fall season is in full swing & our family is heading into Thanksgiving weekend.Last but not least..Jaydey turns the BIG 8 years old on October 29th!!!I have alot to say today everyone..LOl..So much to be thankful for!
Jaydey has made it through her first month back to school for grade 2.Her homeroom teacher is Mrs.Best-Godin.As well,she has made it through loosing her 2 TA's from last year..Shannon & Susan...This was difficult to adjust to the first week for her.It meant training 2 new TA's to take their positions.But she & the new TA's have adapted quite nicely & all is well in the world once again..
We have been working quite close with occupational therepy since the end of last school year on in home adjustments..Making Jayden's world more adaptable to her growing needs.Things like being more mobile & more self sufficient for herself as well as making the challenges of Jayden's growth & how we,as her parents(caregivers)are able to transfer her from room to room,in our home enviroment.
Occupational Therepy has conducted an in home evaluation & made their recomendations.This Friday they will be visiting our home with a specialist in this area to get the ball rolling...
Some of the suggestions made were:Getting her in & out of the tub safely for her & us..Her being able to maneuver around the home,ramps @ home exits,light switches & faucet alternatives,getting up 15 stairs to her bedroom and of course..transfering her & her equiptment(walker,wheel chair) to and from school,home etc.
Lots to think about...Lots of change happening.But I have too say..Since this "Little Angel" has entered our lives...This has become the norm.The changes will be good for her future & ours.Against uncertian circumstances & all that CdlS entails...I am confident for her!!!She has made me & everyone around her stronger & fearless...More able to accept change..
Thank you all for checking in on Jaydey.We really appreciate all your love,prayers & support.I ask that you continue...May you all have a BLESSED Thanksgiving Weekend with your loved ones!!
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Kimmie :)