Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Happenings

Hello Everyone,

Lots of stuff to update you on...Jayden is all registered for Kindergarden next year...Time flies so fast...She goes with the rest of her class for a half day May 22/09 & she also gets to take her first bus ride...Should be fun!!!So far,surgery has been held off on Jaydey's eyes..Although the appointments keep getting closer & closer...Trying to get a window of opportunity to do surgery.The way it works,is that they need her eyes to stop changing to get an accurate measurement to correct them properly.I keep holding out all hope that they get strong enough on their own to avoid surgery..The first one was horrible for us to see and for her to go through.Her eyes keep getting a little bit stronger each time,so they cannot operate till they stop changing...Paul & I are asking for the Lord's will to be done of course..But we could really use all your prayers in this matter..

Jaydey also has been selected to have an assessment done of her capabilities(understanding,physical needs)to get her a device to help her communicate with us and others..We are so exited!!!What it would be to hear her say Mommy,Daddy & make everyday simple requests...It is something I know I used to take for granted with her brothers...To know she will be able to express her feelings,and desires..Oh what a day that will be!!!There was a huge waiting list..Up to a year..But she got in really fast..Sometime in June.We were also dreading the long trip to Fredericton,as the assessment would take all day..But it seems they would prefer to do it right at home!!!Very pleased with this decision..

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read these entries...It means the world to Paul & I that you love our "Angel"much as we do...We ask that you join with us and continue to pray for her...As you can see,God is Listening!!!

God Bless,

Paul,Kimmie & Family...

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heidi @ ggip said...

It sounds like some good news and maybe some confusing news. I am not sure what the surgery is but I'm hoping for the best.