Monday, May 5, 2008


Hello everyone.

Lots of exiting things going on this week.Just a reminder of CdlS Awareness Day on May 10/2008.We just want you to show your support on this day by telling someone about Cornelia de Lange Syndrome,visit the site,and our many other links on the home page to learn about this rare It is also Mother's Day on May 11th.A day to tell mom just how much she means to you...I would just like to say on behalf of myself & Jayden's World, Happy Mother's day to the mom's who have a loved one coping with CdlS.You are the lifeline for the child dealing with CdlS.The late nights you stay up and the numerous hours you put in each day.Whether it be physio,doctor's appointments,feeding,teaching,and of course the unconditional love and care you provide.You are invaluable Mom's and very much appreciated.Bravo!!!I'm sure you are rewarded everyday for your efforts,as I am,when I look at the smile,and ray of sunshine in each of their little faces.Happy Mother's Day....

God Bless,

Kimmie Bevans & Family,Jayden's World Administrators.

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